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Partners - Greece

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) is the largest University in Greece and in Balkans. The main campus is located in the centre of the city of Thessaloniki, and covers an area of about 33.4 hectares. It comprises 7 faculties which consist of 33 schools, 5 faculties which consist of one school each, as well as 4 independent schools. Some educational and administrative facilities are located off campus for practical and operational reasons. A number of these facilities are located outside the city of Thessaloniki or even in other cities.  This partner in this project is the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences (DPESS) of AUTh. The DPESS is was founded in 1982 and since then has participated in various research projects funded by national and international agencies. The DPESS focuses on health promotion, adherence to physical activity and sport, promoting equality, inclusion, and professional development of physical education and sport science students. The DPESS specializes in: a) promoting health enhancing physical activity through recreational (indoor and outdoor activities) and physical education, b) the design and application of health promotion and behaviour change interventions, c) promoting inclusive physical education, and d) preparation of future physical education teachers, coaches and fitness instructors. 

Dieythinsi Defterovathmias Ekpaidefsis N Pierias 

The Directorate of Secondary Education of Pieria (DISEPI) is supervised by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. Its role is the administrative and centralized monitoring of Secondary Schools of Pieria and governs the local public and private schools in terms of curriculum implementation, staff appointment, management of funds and transformation of national priorities into concrete educational planning. DISEPI supervises 41 public Secondary Schools (20 High Schools, 12 Senior High Schools, 4 Vocational Schools, 2 Schools for Pupils with Special Needs, 1 Music School and 1 private School) and the number of secondary students of the region of Pieria is about 8,500. The Director and the Head Officers are in charge of about 30 employees that are mainly administrative officers with relevant university degrees and secondary teachers, temporarily placed in the organisation, that perform administrative tasks. Thanks to its supervising role, the Directorate will be able to provide for access to teachers and schools towards the implementation of the project. In this light, it will promote the scopes and the objectives in order that the project is regarded positively by schools directors, teachers and students. Also, the organisation can get all authorisations needed to run surveys and will contribute to the dissemination of the project at all stages, from the beginning until the end, as well as to promote all results and outcomes for further employment and development.

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