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Partners - Finland

University of Jyvaskyla

The University of Jyväskylä (JYU) is an internationally renowned research university and an expert in education that focuses on human and natural sciences. The University is strongly linked to top national and international research, business and innovation communities. JYU has 15,000 degree students. Including adult education the total number is 40,000 students. The number of personnel is 2,500. JYU has received HR Excellence in Research award. The recognition signals that the HR policy at the JYU can guarantee that the status of researchers at the University meets the EU targets. In Finland, JYU has been a forerunner in Open Access publishing and free access to scholarly information has been one of the university's strategic goals ever since 2010. In Horizon 2020 JYU already has 45 projects including 12 ERC grants, 5 ITN projects, 5 MSCA IF projects and 3 FET Open projects. JYU is the coordinator of 6 consortium projects. The Accelerator Laboratory of the Department of Physics is one of the European Major Infrastructures. The partner in this project is the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences which is the only faculty of sports sciences in Finland. The Faculty educates all physical education teachers in Finland. Additionally, it is the only institution to have level 5 coaches’ education in Finland. Sport and health research and education within the faculty covers the entire human life span. The Faculty’s ultimate goal is to increase and maintain people’s health, functioning and wellbeing during the different stages of life. The central strategic research areas are: 1) research in the biology of physical activity’s impact on neuromuscular functions, and 2) health sciences, the health effects of physical exercise, aging and health promotion. The Faculty is ranked as the 29th (out of 372) best faculty of sport sciences in the world in the current Shanghai Ranking's list.

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